About United Fund of Kilgore

About United Fund of Kilgore

Since 1972 United Fund of Kilgore has been bringing people together to raise money and help people in need. Our purpose is to secure and disburse funds to health and human service agencies, and to promote cooperation between citizens and member agencies within the Kilgore area.

United Fund of Kilgore is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of eighteen elected individuals, six of whom shall be elected each year for a term of three years with six rotating off each year.

Presently The United Fund of Kilgore donations are distributed to a selected group of agencies. Agency members are required to provide annually to The United Fund of Kilgore Budget Committee financial and program records as may be requested, including a comprehensive report of the current year's finances, programs and projection of the coming year's budget, programs and request for funds. Contributions to agencies are decided after interviewing with each agency. They must be non-profit and assist people in the Kilgore area.

We strive to make the community more aware of how The United Fund of Kilgore and its agencies positively impact local residents. United Fund, a system that works steadily 365 days a year, gives people a chance to reach their full potential and make our community a better place to live.

The United Fund of Kilgore goal for 2019 is $60,000. Distribution of funds to agencies are made as funds are available. Our overhead is about 3-5% and we use a dual system of accounting.

Your donations make it possible for The United Fund of Kilgore to help our young people have a place to go for development of self- esteem, provide a meal and shower for the homeless, teach youth and adults on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, parenting and nurturing of young bodies and spirits.

There's no master blueprint for building strong communities. Fortunately though, there are experienced United Fund of Kilgore volunteers to assemble the building blocks. They know Kilgore inside and out, so together we can assess and address the challenges that make our community unique. At the center of every proud community are people like United Fund of Kilgore volunteers, involved citizens, striving to improve the quality of life for our families, friends and neighbors in need.