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Started in 1972, the United Fund of Kilgore works hard to raise money to help people and agencies in need. We disburse funds to a variety of health and human services organizations in an effort to improve the Kilgore, Texas area.

It's important to promote cooperation between citizens and member agencies within the area to promote a better place to live. All of the money we raise stays within the local community, and your donations can help up to 11 different organizations.

Contact the United Fund of Kilgore today to learn more about our fundraising efforts.

About Us

We've been raising money for people in need since 1972.


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We work hard to build support for donating to organizations

Our events and agencies change every year, but the process is always similar. As each program kicks off, we start with a pacesetter donation to create a base for the fundraising to begin. If we're working with a national organization, one location will collect the funds and then distribute them to the other locations.

Learn more about our fundraising events by contacting the United Fund of Kilgore today.

Kick off luncheon for united kilgore fund

A little money can go a long way toward making a difference

Your donations to the United Fund of Kilgore make a difference in the lives of people in our community. The money we raise goes toward:

  • Helping young people have a place to go for development or self-esteem
  • Providing a meal and a shower for the area's homeless
  • Teaching youth and adults on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Assisting people who are the victims of domestic violence
  • Parenting and nurturing of young bodies and spirits

Donate to the United Fund of Kilgore today to start making a lasting difference in the Kilgore, TX area.